what is coaching ?

Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential (ICF)

When consult a coach ?

If in your personal or professional life you go through a change and have the impression of losing control, a coach can help you to see things clearly and find a new balance.

If you need to change your references and wish to develop your potential or to change jobs, coaching may help you to assess and dress a list of your values, qualities and develop your self-confidence.

A new home, a divorce, poor health, a new job are situations in which you may need the help of a coach. This is called life coaching.

If in your work, you feel like losing control, (a fusion, a growing com pany, a partial or total closure, senior agreements, changing managers, sales growth, a new business plan) a group or individual coaching process may bring solutions and liberate situations and help you to accept the changes.

What does a coaching demand from you ?

A coaching demands from you as well as from your coach an engagement. You must want to invest yourself in order to change. You must have a challenging goal which you want to seek. You are lacking energy and need to get dynamics. A coach will boost you in order to get there !

Coaching is not...

Coaching is not therapy. A coach is not a psychologist. He works in another way.

Coaching compared to analysis or therapy

A coach has a way of asking questions which has proved its efficiency. He tries to analyze with you your actual situation in order to work together to get to your goal !